A man about a dog

It was a lovely sunny day today as I met my good friend Greg in the Pen and Wig for the first pre-production meeting about the project. I had a few notes typed up – some potential bands for interview, but mostly I wanted to hear his vast expertise on the idea. After chatting for a bit he came up with some good suggestions – like broadening the remit of the documentary beyond just bands to look to cover everyone involved in the alternative music scene in Cardiff. Producers, promoters, artists, bands, management companies, labels, music video makers, DJs. My list of potential interviewees just exploded off the page.

We also talked about more practical things like the magic word: funding. My initial thoughts were to do this thing with nothing more than favours from close friends and a Flip video camera, proper renegade style, but Greg pointed out that a much better job could be done with some professional kit and people who actually know what they’re doing. Plus, if there’s money out there (which there must be, somewhere), why not at least try for it? More discussion though led us through some other tricky subjects: with funding, I’d be obligated to temper or flavour the content or the way it was shot to please whoever had paid up. I have a strong idea about how I want the end product to be, which is a cross between hardline factual reality and surreal dream – more on this in a future post about Inspiration for this project – and people who were funding may not agree on such a random format. Without doing it the way I want, is there any point?

Also, funding for creative projects has seemed to be a bit of an administrative ballache when I’ve looked into it in the past (admittedly I’ve never looked very seriously – perhaps the administrative ballache is to seperate those who really need to cash from those who can’t really be arsed…).

I want to get out and make the thing more than I want to get paid to do it (right now, anyway – let’s see what I say on the subject after the project is wrapped up!). So, for now, while I’ve the energy, the time (I’ve no more freelance work commissioned for the summer) and the inclination, I might as well get on with making it. Right? Right.

On a side note, the beer garden in the Pen and Wig is one of the loveliest places in Cardiff to enjoy an afternoon pint when the sun is out. Very pleasant indeed.


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