Another man, another dawg

A few years ago, while studying for my undergrad at Cardiff University, I was lucky enough to go to the University of California (Berkeley) for a year on an exchange scheme. While there I met a lot of pretty amazing people who went on to do pretty amazing things. Two of those people were Jack Roberts (Brit) and Dan Stacey (Aussie). On returning to the UK, Jack worked for the Telegraph for a couple of years, while Dan was in Aus working as a journalist. The pair then formed a company, publishing an amazing non-fiction storytelling magazine called Bad Idea. Although they stopped putting out the magazine, the company is going strong, and they’ve moved into running events in London (if you’re based there I strongly suggest you check them out – they have some wicked speakers and pretty much every event sells out – information available on the excellent Bad Idea website).

Today, Jack was on his way through Cardiff, so he stopped by and we went to Cardiff Arts Institute for a chat. I haven’t seen him since we left Berkeley in 2003 so it’s been a long time – but we had a good chat about funding for creative projects, something he knows a lot about. We discussed this project a bit, and he left me thinking perhaps I should be seeking funding. With it, I could afford to get proper tech folk on board and be able to pay them – and there’s nothing I hate more these days than asking skilled people to give away their time for free. Everyone’s gots to get PAID, especially people who work lower down the scale in the media or creative industries, because they inevitably have already given away a load of their time for free to get where they are.

With funding, I could get a proper crew on board, and shoot the thing they way I want it to be shot – rather than if it was commissioned by the beeb or ITV (from what I hear, it’s pretty hard to make that happen anyway).

I left our meeting with my brain brimming with ideas and new avenues to explore. Money makes the world go around, after all…


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