A little help from the Welsh Music Foundation

For anyone involved in the music scene in Cardiff (and of course the whole of Wales), the Welsh Music Foundation is a key source of information and advice. I’ll give you a little blurb from their website which will explain what they do better than I probably can…

Welsh Music Foundation is the first port of call for individuals, Small Businesses and Start-Ups who need information on the music industry in Wales. Let’s say you’re an artist looking for a manager, a manager looking for a record label, a record label looking for media contacts, or a TV company looking for an artist – you get the drift…? All this keeps us quite busy … but we are happy to point anyone in the general direction of people who might be able to help…

I’ve known of WMF for a few years now since meeting Lisa Matthews through Kruger Magazine (RIP). She’s currently their manager and is an all round Good Egg, TM. She agreed to meet me today to have a chat about the project and offer her advice on my now completely out of control list of potential interviewees.

She hacked the list down to a manageable size, gave me some excellent tips on potential filming locations (like the Boilerhouse in Llandaff North which has the longest legal graffiti wall in the UK – truefact!), plus some labels and collectives I hadn’t considered including. We also chatted through the possibility for a small Welsh language element in the documentary for one section (not with me in it though, fair play, my Welsh is pretty poor). She was also able to give me some technical contacts to help me chat through the practical side of the project – first up is Gethin Jones, who works for Bandit and Boomerang, and who I shall be bothering after the Bank Holiday and its related fun is out of the way.

We also chatted a little about the cashflow problem, but Lisa’s take on it was quite different from Jack’s. There’s very little money available to projects like my one at the moment, and it looks like the budget for the arts might be slashed by the Welsh Assembly Government next year (bad times). But no money doesn’t mean a bad end product. She suggested some ways I might be able to blag/borrow some professional kit, meaning all I would need was the skilled people to work it all…

It was a very productive meeting (in the lovely Herb and Ellie’s down in Cardiff Bay – they have a great organic store out the back which is perfect for last minute present-buying panics). And big ups to the Welsh Music Foundation, who always have time to listen to whatever project you’re planning or to whatever you might need, and point you in the right direction of people who can help.


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