Get involved – nominate or perspirate

Having read all the guff about why I’m putting the project together, I invite you to nominate bands/promoters/DJs/producers/labels/collectives from Cardiff to be featured. I already have a working list and I can’t possibly include everyone, but I welcome nominations and will look through info about everyone that I’m sent.

At the moment, I’m also looking for :

– technical expertise (camera person, sound person),
– post production (editing). Like I said, I’m setting out to film and produce without any budget, so if you’re looking to be paid (and I don’t blame you – everyone’s got to get paid), I’m afraid you’ll have to look somewhere else.

If, however, you’re a film student (with an interest in music) who has little experience and is looking for projects to work on, this might be a great one for you. I’ll need to see some examples of other work you’ve done just to get a flavour.

Leave your deets/nominations in the comments below. If you know anyone who might be interested, then please pass this on to them.

And thanks! x



  1. Hi, I think your concept is brilliant and would love the chance to be involved. Im a female dj wih acting experince,
    I have been involved in the making of many short films made in cardiff and London. I currently play on radio Cardiff on thursday from 1.15 pm and i dj in various venues accross the u.k and beyond.


  2. Yo! this just caught my eye, sounds like a great idea!

    I’m originally from Cardiff but just about to finish my film degree in manchester. I’ve got technical and post-production experience (albeit fairly amateur) but im free, available and fit the film student interested in music bill (!) so would love to get involved should you still be looking for help. I’ve got a few things I can send to you by email as well.

    Nice one…Lucie


  3. Hi – we would love to be involved – our band is The Amber Hour and we also run a Cardiff based charity that is the second biggest Welsh based charity and is supported by Jane Hutt MP



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