Names, names and more names

I contacted a few people on the recommendation of Lisa from the Welsh Music Foundation, and have had pretty positive results from everyone so far. Jon Gower declined the invitation for interview, but has put me onto Gareth Potter and John Williams instead (not a bad trade off, really). Andy Fung has agreed to chat and I’ll be heading to his studio in Canton next week. Noel Gardner (one of my raving partners at Bloc this year) has also agreed.

Chatting to James McLaren made me think a lot more about the backstory to the documentary. He mentioned parties run by the Plastic Raygun boys, rock nights in the Philharmonic, and LAmerica and Time Flies when they were jusst starting out as niche, underground club nights. It made me realise the background research is going to need to reach a whole lot further than I’d originally planned. Funny really – a couple of years ago when I was working at Catapult I thought at the time how good it would be to do a documentary on the club scene in Cardiff. The Hippo had just closed, the Emporium was going strong, Vision 2K (or whatever it was called) was hosting huge names – it’s now the shiny, glass walls of Primark – think about that next time you’re underground in the men’s department there picking up some shiny silver Y fronts. At least those stories will be documented now – and like James said to me – otherwise they’ll just stay forever as the stories we tell to our mates in the pub.


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